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Educational Programs in Russia Boost Local ICT Education

Huawei believes that education is a key factor in improving a person’s chances in life. Education is the driver of sustainable, fair development for any country. That is why our social contribution programs in Russia focus on education and knowledge transfer. Since 2012, we have carried out a series of initiatives, including HAINA, Seeds for the Future, communications quizzes, and scholarships, to help expand ICT education in Russia.

1. On September 25, 2015, as part of Moscow’s innovative Digital October, Huawei hosted the final of our “Honor Cup” ICT competition and Education Day event. In attendance at the event were representatives of the Russian Duma, the Ministry of Education and Science, Moscow Municipal Government, educational associations, and the presidents of Moscow University, Higher School of Economics, and other major Russian academies; 250 students and teachers from 21 different cities; and nearly 20 media outlets.

“Vadim Dengin, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy, said in his address, “Because of Huawei, the smartest people have been brought together here today. Huawei is a leading technology company, and is setting the direction for the industry. More importantly, it is supporting talent development around the world. Their educational programs have a direct impact on the nation’s economic and social development, and on people’s living standards. I have proposed the formation of an ICT talent development project, and will personally be involved in its work.”

Russian educators discussing effective collaboration between educational institutions, the government, and companies

2.Huawei and Russia Business Consulting jointly organized a forum on effective collaboration between educational institutions, the government, and companies. College presidents from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Tomsk engaged with government officials and representatives from companies on the best ways in which they could work together. Pavel Lanchikov, general director of the Huawei Moscow Training Center, gave a comprehensive overview of Huawei’s charitable education program, which was very well-received by both the educators and government representatives.

3. Huawei signed HAINA agreements with Russia’s most renowned institutions: Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO). The two universities will be provided with Huawei-equipped labs and HAINAs, and Huawei will develop curricula in collaboration with faculty, train lecturers free of charge, and give students opportunities to learn about the most advanced ICT technologies. Huawei is expanding our HAINA program to more universities to improve students’ ICT skills.

Huawei’s Russia Research Center signed a research & development partnership agreement with Moscow State University. The combination of Huawei’s global R&D platform with renowned educational and research institutions creates a wonderful synergy between businesses, academia, and research institutions that will drive joint innovation and co-creation and move the ICT industry forward.

Two of the student competition winners with Huawei representatives

Students answering questions in the competition’s final round