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Promoting Environmental Protection

The booming ICT industry has improved work efficiency and quality of life. It has also increased resource utilization efficiency and decreased waste and emissions. Connectivity-focused ICT technologies – such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and broadband networks – are the engines that drive global sustainability. The continuous integration of ICT with different industries is accelerating the transition towards a digital economy. The ICT industry will inevitably play a major role in addressing challenges such as climate change, pollution, and resource shortages. It will certainly create new value for individuals, businesses, and society.
As a leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei follows a strategy of "Green Pipe, Green Operations, Green Partner, Green World". We explore innovative ways to maximize products' energy utilization efficiency and operating efficiency, and at the same time minimize our carbon footprint and negative environmental impacts. In addition, we invest in innovative green initiatives to provide energy-saving products and green ICT technologies that empower all industries – and even society as a whole – to decrease carbon emissions.

In 2015, we increased the energy efficiency of wireless base stations by 20%.

By leveraging management and technological approaches to energy conservation, we hit our annual energy conservation target by saving 44.3 million Kwh of electricity.

Cooperated with 35 suppliers to reduce over 72,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2015.

Green Pipe

Incorporate environmental protection concepts into product planning, design, R&D, manufacturing, delivery, and services. Through continuous innovations, we keep improving resource efficiency and provide leading energy efficient and environmental friendly products and solutions to our customers.

Green Operation

Strive to improve resource utilization in offices, facilities, logistics, and labs, to reduce the emissions of GHG and waste and to build Huawei's operations into a model of environmentally friendliness.

Green Partner

Continuously ensure the environmental compliance of Huawei's products and our partners' operations. We drive the energy conservation and emissions reduction across our supply chains and improve Huawei's competitiveness in the industry chain.

Green World

Continuously promote our green and integrated ICT solutions, facilitate energy conservation and emissions reduction in various industries, and proactively drive an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon society.