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Bridging the Digital Divide

As an ICT industry player, Huawei is applying our core expertise to bring communications and broadband to all. We also seek to apply ICT to specific sectors and strengthen the overall ICT ecosystem through skills development, local capacity building, and R&D.


In 2015, Huawei launched a new white paper entitled Digital Enablement: Bridging the Digital Divide to Connect People and Society. It discussed in detail the challenges of bridging the digital divide, and provided specific tools and recommendations that we can all use. The report can be read at

Deployed products and solutions in over 170 countries and regions to serve nearly 3 billion people.

Provided network access for 50,000 Ethiopian students across 64 schools.

Operated 45 global training centers to nurture local ICT professionals.

Delivered ICT training to benefit over 15,000 students.

Communications for ALL

Committed to providing easy voice communications for people across different geographies.

Broadband for ALL

Dedicated to enabling broadband availability. We actively promote cutting-edge ICT technologies to unlock infinite possibilities by connecting people to people, people to things, and things to things.

Nurturing ICT Talent

Committed to the transfer and sharing of ICT knowledge and skills as well as to the nurturing of ICT talent. Huawei strives to bridge the divide for people from all walks of life in terms of information accessibility and to achieve the target of making information technology available to all.

ICT Applications

Dedicated to providing customized ICT solutions that help enterprises in different regions improve their economic performance, productivity, and competitiveness.