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Openness, Collaboration, and Shared Success

The value of networks comes from their openness and interconnection. An open and collaborative Better Connected World is now on the horizon. In the digital economy, companies cannot innovate on their own. Instead, they must join forces with the entire industry and ecosystem to develop and thrive together.

Huawei views openness, collaboration, and shared success as important cornerstones that support its development, and is committed to establishing a robust ecosystem for a fully-connected information society.

In the carrier business, we have proposed the concept of Open ROADS to a Better Connected World. By focusing on ICT infrastructure and fully opening up our ICT capabilities, we strive to establish an open ecosystem conducive to carriers' digital transformation to bring together carriers and partners worldwide and achieve shared business success.

In the enterprise business, we adhere to the Being Integrated strategy, and have established extensive ecosystems focusing on our cloud computing, agile network, Safe City, finance, and eLTE solutions. We have more than 500 enterprise cloud partners and over 10,000 public cloud partners, and have created a FusionSphere open cloud computing alliance. By opening up our agile networks at all layers, we have developed more than 200 ecosystem partners in the areas of agile campuses, agile data centers, and agile IoT.

In the consumer business, we have partnered with top-tier international brands in the fashion, automobile, and home appliance sectors. Through this, we have conducted joint innovation on smartphones, smart watches, smart homes, and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), to bring the cutting-edge technology in each domain and a superior product experience to consumers worldwide.

We work closely with industry players, developers, academia, and standards organizations to drive business and technological innovation, and help establish a robust industry development ecosystem characterized by collaboration, shared success, and fair competition. In 2015, the number of Huawei's joint innovation centers increased to 36, and we announced a Developer Enablement Plan, in which we will invest US$1 billion over the next five years. Through our Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP), we sponsored over 100 new research projects in 2015. In addition, we have become more involved in international standards organizations, industry alliances, and open source communities.

To share benefits with our upstream and downstream partners on the value chain, we adhere to a Dig In, Widen Out approach, meaning we constantly tap into our own potential to reduce costs and increase the value of our solutions while providing more benefits to our customers and treating our industry partners with respect. In this way, we will drive the sound development of the entire industry.

To promote the ICT development of the countries where we operate, we actively participate in discussions on each country's ICT industry policies. Through this, we aim to help create a fair and reasonable policy environment, and balance the interests of infrastructure investors and consumers, thereby driving continued and sound development of the industry. We also leverage our innovative technologies and solutions to actively help implement the ICT development strategies of governments and facilitate local economic development and social progress.

By promoting openness, collaboration, and shared success, we strive to create value for our customers, make contributions to the healthy development of our industry and social progress, and ultimately build a Better Connected World.